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Pittsburgh Penguins Autographed Group of (76) Includes Deceased
Lot #492

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Pittsburgh Penguins Autographed Group of (76)  Includes Deceased
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Pittsburgh Penguins Autographed Group of (76) Includes Deceased
Lot #492

This group includes (73) autographed 8x10 B&W photos and (3) smaller B&W photos of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Players include Russ Anderson, Steve Andrascik, Lou Angotti, Syl Apps, Chuck Aronson, Paul Baxter, Larry Bignell, Les Binkley, Doug Bodger, Phil Bourque, Mike Bullard, Robin Burns, Rod Buskas, Dave Burrows, Jock Callander, Colin Campbell, Jay Caufield, Blair Chapman, Chris Dahlquist, Billy Dea, Bob Dillabough (d. 1997), Darryl Edestrand, Bob Errey, Mario Faubert, Val Fonteyne, Stan Gilbertson, Dave Hannan, Nick Harbaruk (d. 2011), Denis Herron, Bryan Hextall, Randy Hillier, Greg Hotham, Earl Ingarfield, Ron Jones, Rick Kehoe, Rick Kessel, Orest Kindrachuk, George Konik (d. 2016), Jean Guy Lagace, Ron Lalonde, Gordon Laxton, Bob Leiter, Lowell MacDonald, Al MacNeil, Dunc McCallum (d. 1983), Kevin McClelland, Greg Malone, Dick Mattiussi, Gerry Methe, Jim Morrison, Todd Nelson, Simon Nolet, Hank Nowak, Jim Park, Greg Polis (d. 2018), Dean Prentice, Noel Price, Jean Pronovost, Nick Ricci, Rene Robert, Robert Romano, Duane Rupp, Jim Rutherford, Glen Sather, Ken Schinkel, Ron Schock, Rod Schutt, Greg Sheppard, Al Smith (d. 2002), Art Stratton, George Swarbick, Mark Taylor, Gene Ubriaco, Bryan Watson, Warren Young and Zarley Zalapsky.

Our consignor went to a hockey game every night, shot many of the photos himself and had all autographs signed personally.