Auction Rules



I. Registration II. Bidding starts now III. Absentee bidding IV. Bidding increments V. Auction closing

VI. Payment VII. Winning bids and shipping VIII. Authenticity IX. Non-payment by buyer X. Consignments

XI. Choice of law XII. Disclaimers, etc. XIII. Interpretation, etc. XIV. Acceptance of conditions

20% buyer’s premium - All bidding is in US funds.


I. Registration

Customers who registered for this or any auction, hereinafter referred to as bidders and/or buyers, will be registered for all future auctions in accordance with the following terms and conditions. It is not necessary to register again. Usernames and passwords remain valid unless changed by the registered party. If you have forgotten them, simply click here to enter your email address and they will be emailed to you. You may also click FORGOT PASSWORD wherever you see a login request.


Any registration through Facebook or Paypal is free and goes directly through those two companies. We do not see or retain any of your private information.


There is a one-time fee of $1.99 for registration and verification through credit card only. Auction registration will require a valid credit card (Visa or Master Card), the system does not accept debit cards. All billing addresses MUST match the address associated with the credit card to be verified. There will be room for a separate shipping address, which is not part of the verification process. You will be verified through a secure server and we do not see or retain any of your private information.


All registration will be completed online only at WWW.GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET. If you have problems registering, you may reach us at (215) 990-3511. 


II. Bidding starts now

Assuming you are registered and verified, you may begin bidding as soon as an auction goes live on WWW.GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET . You will see AUCTION NOW LIVE! on the home page. Only online bidding will be accepted. If you are having problems bidding, please call (215) 990-3511.  Once a bid is placed, it may not be retracted for any reason.

III. Absentee bids


We encourage absentee bidding if you do not want to stay up late on the final day of the auction. Absentee bids can be left using the drop down bidding box for every item. A bid will be placed on your behalf up to these amounts only as they are bid against competitively by other bidders. Your bid will be placed at the lowest amount available, taking in consideration all present and absentee bids. All absentee bids will be treated on a first come, first served basis. If we receive two absentee bids of the same amount, the first one received will be the standing bid. GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET reserves the right to accept or refuse any and all bids. All absentee bidding will remain confidential.  Once an absentee bid is placed, it may not be retracted or adjusted for any reason.

IV. Bidding increments


Items will be sold to the highest bidder. Bids can be no lower than the opening bid (in US funds) listed on this website. The current high bid must be raised by a 10% increment. The drop down box on each item will figure out the 10% increment for you. GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET reserves the right to accept or refuse any and all bids. By placing a bid in this auction, the bidder confirms the acceptance of all the rules and conditions of sale as mentioned here. GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET’s record of final sale shall be conclusive.  Once a bid is placed, it may not be retracted for any reason.


V. Auction closing

The final day of bidding for this entire auction is

May 26, 2023


The auction will initially close at 10:00 PM (Eastern Time) on Friday May 26, 2023. After 10:00 PM, the auction will continue (extended time) until the bids stop coming in for 10 minutes. This rule applies for the entire auction and to all the lots together. In other words, all lots will remain opened for as long as a bid has been placed on any lot, and all the lots will close at the same time. It is not necessary to place a bid prior to 10:00 PM to be able to participate during the extended time. Please note that the auction is closed when no bid has been registered for 10 minutes after 10:00 PM on Friday May 26, 2023. Our auctions generally continue well into the night, absentee bidding is available for those who do not want to stay up to monitor their bids.


VI. Payment

All winning bidders will receive an e-mail showing them their items won at the close of the auction. Auction invoices will then follow within a few business days. Winning bidders will be able to view a copy of their invoice in the "My Account" area once it has been processed. Those who have not received their invoice within 5 business days of the auction should contact us. Payment is due within 14 days after notification. Failure to pay invoices promptly will result in the suspension of your auction privileges. Methods of payment accepted are certified checks, bank checks, money orders, cash and bank wires. Please contact us if you need bank wire transfer information. A wire transaction fee of $40.00 will be added if choosing this method. Please make all payments out to GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET and mail to 461 Cresta Circle, West Palm Beach, FL 33413 . NO PERSONAL CHECKS, BUSINESS CHECKS, PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR AUCTION PAYMENTS. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

VII. Winning bids and shipping

A 20% buyer’s premium will be added to the total 
of all items on your invoice.

Winning bidders are responsible for all shipping and handling costs which include shipping, insurance, packing and materials. All invoices will include a charge for shipping via UPS ground. Winning bidders are also responsible for any other costs related to shipping: customs, duties, taxes or brokerage. All Florida residents will have 7% added to their total invoice including shipping unless the purchaser has provided GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET with a valid sales tax exemption certificate issued by the State of Florida. Any winning bidder who want their items shipped using an expedited UPS method must request it when they receive their invoices. All expedited methods will require an additional charge. Shipping rates will vary according to the size and weight of the items shipped and according to the destination and method of shipping chosen by the customer. All items will be shipped within 5-7 business days of receipt of payment, or sooner, under ordinary circumstances. The cost of shipping sticks to any country other than the US and Canada is extremely expensive. Since the USPS will not accept an International package over 60 inches in length, these must be shipped by UPS. The cost of shipping (1) stick overseas through UPS costs more than $300. Please be sure to take this into consideration when bidding on sticks if you live anywhere other than in the US or Canada. Shipping sticks to the US or Canada is still fairly expensive. Please expect overall shipping/material costs of around $65.00 + insurance to any US location and $85.00 + insurance to any Canadian location.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL, please make sure you ask all relevant questions about any lot you are interested in prior to bidding. We recommend that you ask all questions on the item(s) before the final auction day to provide additional time if your questions are not answered to your satisfaction. Although we use extreme care in writing up all titles and descriptions in the auction, minor typos or inaccuracies may exist. All titles and descriptions in the auction are the opinion of GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET and are not considered “authenticity”.  GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET will not accept any return for any reason of 3rd party authenticated cards and autographs.


VIII. Authenticity

GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET does their best to authenticate each auction item and sometimes even enlist the assistance of outside authenticators. GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET will be the final judge of the authenticity of each and every piece it sells. We are not bound by the opinion of outside authenticators and so called experts. GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET will not accept any returns, ALL SALES ARE FLINAL. A GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET letter of authenticity will be sent with each lot with the exception of authentics, graded cards, autographed card and photo groups and 3rd party authenticated autographs. Individual lots may also indicate outside LOA’s in their descriptions. This LOA will be in addition to the LOA from GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET. Letters of authenticity may be shipped with the merchandise or under separate cover after the merchandise has been shipped.

IX. Non-payment by buyer

GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET reserves the right to charge to the buyer’s credit card any balance remaining on the buyer’s auction invoice 30 days after the date of the invoice without further notice to buyer. Buyer agrees to pay all of GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET costs, including attorney’s fees, incurred in attempting to collect any sums due to GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET from buyer. GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET will proceed legally against any bidder who attempts to renege on a winning bid(s) and reserves the right to invoke all available remedies under the terms of this agreement and applicable law.

X. Consignments

GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET is a consignment auction house. Please keep in mind that once a consignment arrives, it cannot be returned for any reason before that auction takes place. We are constantly talking with consignors and bidders and often talk about items before any auction actually goes up. We work out special payment arrangements, agree on consignments based on other consignments and verbally advertise items all the time. Again, there are no returns of consignments once they arrive. A standard $25.00 per lot fee will be charged in addition to the consignment rate on all consignments. Consignments will be returned at the conclusion of an auction, if agreed upon, if that item does not sell.

XI. Choice of Law

Any and all disputes or conflicts arising between the Bidder and GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET and/or out of this agreement shall be decided under the law of Florida. Bidder consents to personal jurisdiction in the State of Florida, Palm Beach County and agrees that exclusive jurisdiction and proper forum and venue reside within the State of Florida, Palm Beach County and/or the Federal District Court of Florida at the discretion of GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET. In the event of a dispute, the bidder agrees to pay all of the auctioneer’s reasonable attorney’s fees and cost involved in collection of funds, plus 1.5% interest per month on any unpaid balance, accruing from the original due date, until the date all balances are paid.

XII. Disclaimers, etc.

GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET also reserves the right to invoke any and all defenses and/or rights available under the terms of this agreement, applicable law and the Uniform Commercial Code. GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET cannot be held responsible for any issues pertaining to the World Wide Web, web traffic or server problems. If any issues of this nature arise during the final day of the auction, GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET will, at its sole discretion, decide whether to honor the auction as it stands or choose to add additional time to all lots. GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET also reserves the right to accept or refuse any and all bids.

XIII. Interpretation, etc.

Each term and provision of these Conditions of Sale shall be construed as separate and distinct. In the event that any such term or provision shall be held whole by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, in whole or in part, the remaining terms and provisions shall survive and be binding on both parties. These terms and conditions shall constitute the entire agreement between GAMEWORNAUCTIONS.NET and bidder.

XIV. Acceptance of conditions

Registering and/or Placement of a bid in this auction constitutes full acceptance 
of all of these terms and conditions with the intent to be legally bound.